Our 100th Post!

I can’t believe it, we’ve cracked the ton…

Our 100th Post on Adventurers Extraordinaire!

And just enough time to fit in another adventure by visiting the Bali Zoo.

It has to be more than just coincidence, the way this island helps you out when you are in need. We buzzed past a fork in the road, unsure which way to go so we pulled over to ask for directions. As soon as we pull over outside a shop, a Balinese man scoots up beside us, so I ask if he knows the way to the Bali Zoo.

“Oh yes, I show you. You can follow me…it’s near my house.” Of all the people we could have asked 🙂

And thank god we did follow him, the main road to the zoo was chock full of traffic because of all the crumbly potholes. So he took us on a shortcut through another little village, where clearly, we were the only westerners to EVER have passed through. It was like we were the Queen, being waved to by her loyal subjects as we rode by. And when we got to the zoo, our “tour guide” didn’t just leave us at the front gate, he made us follow him all the way in and right up to the front gate for us to buy our entry tickets.

“Also…my wife works here!”Oh, SNAP!

Man, I’m gonna miss this island!

Movin’ on up!

Today I moved all of our stuff out of our villa in Kerobokan, and moved on in to our new villa in Seminyak. The owner of our previous villa is doing renovations, so it’s out onto the street for us! I managed to fit just about everything we had into a cab, all except my writing desk and chair. So, I just did what any ordinary Balinese person would do…

Strap it to my scooter!!




And, in case you were wondering…yes, that is in fact my leather belt. Relax my love, that sh*t ain’t goin’ nowhere!

Another Bali Gem

We’ve ridden past a restaurant called, Warung D’Sawah, many times before and never really took much notice. Mainly because, all you see from the street, is a tiny dusty carpark, no bigger than a living room. But on this occasion, I decided we’d pull in and investigate it further…

Wow! Another Bali Gem. Nestled at the end of a winding jungle path, the restaurant opens up into a multilayered open aired restaurant, with a lawn the size of a small football field, at the back of the rice paddy cut-through. Seats maybe a hundred, on the grass under the umbrellas, or the open aired stage level, or the undercover section a couple steps up.

And very eco-friendly. I’ve never seen so many frogs in the one place, in all of Bali. And every night, they have Balinese Dancing performed by some very cheeky kids in fantastic costumes.