A Farewell to Arms (Fiona’s)


Fiona here …

So this is how I spent my final afternoon in Bali, having lunch and walking along the beach with my love, before I head off back to Australia for a month. I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends, sleeping in my bed and enjoying a good shower. I am soooo going to miss riding past rice fields on the scooter behind my love. Swimming, sunsets, geckos and the amazing food here. Mostly I will just miss my best friend.

So … from now on … Justin will be blogging from Bali & I will be blogging from Melbourne.

Bye bye Bali … see you on xmas eve!

Day of Indulgence

Pascy’s last day with us in Bali before his niece’s wedding and then heads back to Oz, so we have to go all out with a Balinese…Day of Indulgence. I can’t tell you how many times Fiona and I have ventured down some tiny side street or winding path only to discover, an amazing Balinese treasure. And today, was no different.

We decided we’d have a full day of spa treatments to really relax and unwind on our final day together, but the Spa we went to was booked out, so we wandered the streets until…a tiny sign, Breezes Resort and Spa, caught Fiona’s eye, pointing down a long and winding alley. We followed the yellow brick road which, unsurprisingly, led us to the wonderful land of Oz.



A beautiful spa situated right on the beach, with an incredible range of treatments and best of all, they could fit us in, right away! The next 4 hours was truly divine. A Balinese massage, body scrub, jacuzzi bath, facial and pedicure for the boys, and cream bath hair treatment, facial, manicure, pedicure, neck and shoulder massage for the beautiful girl. The rooms overlooked the beach, and the windows pulled open to let the ocean breeze in. A reflection pool outside the window and the methodical crash of the waves outside added to the majesty of the experience as we whittled our cares away.



After scooping us off the floor with a spatula, we headed across to Potato Head, which from an architectural point of view, was absolutely stunning. Like a giant Roman Coliseum constructed NOT, from ancient stone and columns, but thousands upon thousands of coloured wooden shutters of different shapes and sizes. Who even thinks to build a restaurant like that? The food was not too bad either, a little on the pricey side and it certainly was no Salt of the Earth, but delicious all the same.

20111103-205937.jpg 20111103-205949.jpg 20111103-210000.jpg


One thing is for certain, Bali has another fan, and in just these few days, Pascy has already discovered how and why we love this island paradise, so much.

20111103-210016.jpg 20111103-210050.jpg 20111103-210035.jpg



Kuta Carnivale

So, what do you do the day after an earthquake?…Celebrate at the Kuta Carnivale!!

Just to allay any fears anyone has about earthquakes in Bali, check out these pics & ask, does this look like panic to you?

Honestly, the quake lasted about 20 secs max, and as you can plainly see…it’s business (I mean, paradise), as usual.












Echo Beach

Beautiful days continue.  On Wednesday Jacqui, Roland & Nicole met us for lunch at ‘Echo Beach’. Lunch was followed by some lazing on the beach while Justin climbed the rocks. A beautiful, peaceful afternoon.


On the ride home we got a call from ‘The Ubud Writers Festival’ wanting us to come in on Friday so they could meet us. They are interested in us running some of the special events, and maybe doing some MC work. Exciting….if we can work out how to get to Ubud!!

Victory, Slime, Meditation & the Market

On Saturday we headed into Legian for a bit of Western culture. AFL & Parmigiana 🙂

We went to SWISH Bar with Jacqui, Roland and Nicole to watch Sydney vs Saints. There were some tense moments …

…but Sydney was victorious.

sore loser


After the footy and a feed, we went back home and headed around to Alan & Gary’s new place to celebrate Alan’s birthday. They are in the process of having a new living area built. All the wood is made from coconut trees, and it would seem that builders get things done quickly here. It should be complete in a couple of days, it will look beautiful. At the party we sampled Gary’s fabulous cooking and enjoyed the entertainment of their local friends. Including some guitar from Alan 🙂

Lazy Sunday included eating good food …

and watching our lovely pool boy work all day … and I really mean ALL day to clean our slime pool ..


… after a long time in the pit repairing the pump, cleaning and adding chemicals the slime congealed. He is doing an amazing job and it should be good again in a couple of days. We tried to thank him for his hard work but after offering drinks, food and money we discovered that cigarettes were an acceptable form of thanks. I wonder about the amount of smoking in Bali … but then again Bali really is very 80’s … which reminds me, I watched “Realty Bites” a few days ago (not 80’s but 90’s) … I can’t remember seeing a film with so much smoking in it!! It made the 90’s look like all we did was sit and talk deep rubbish while either smoking ciggies or joints while listening to melancholy music and chasing unrequited love …. ahhhh those were the days 😛

Anyway … back to Bali …

On Sunday late afternoon we went to Petitenget beach for sunset meditation (see Justin’s earlier blog)


This morning we got up at 6.30, we had arranged to meet Gary and head into the local food market.

Leaving Umalas for the Market

arriving at market

Gary has been an amazing help, explaining what certain foods are and how they are used, as well as being our language barrier assistant!! The markets are great, intimidating without a firm grasp of Indonesian, but we are learning 🙂

And so $10 later we have chicken in the freezer, vegies in the fridge and amazing fruit in the bowl … pretty much set for the week.

Might need more chocolate though ….

Oh, and the exciting news is we got accepted as volunteers for the Ubud writers festival … I am really excited about it and look forward to meeting some great people … hopefully Paul Kelly    🙂



1 Giant Mind

Hazah! Our original pool guy, Yayan, started back on our pool today. Replaced the faulty pump and started the whole chemical and clean up process. He’ll be here another 2 days to ensure the pool is back to it’s crystal clear glory and we will once again be able to float in happiness. Yay 🙂

1 Giant Mind

We went down to the beach tonight to participate in 1 Giant Mind. It’s a lead up to a global world record attempt to have as many people on the face of the planet, meditate at the same time, or as they prefer to call it, Eyes Closed Silence. 1 Giant Mind’s mission is to coordinate the largest simultaneous global experience of eyes closed silence and measure the collective effect through scientific research, and they started the first test leg here in Bali and we went down to be a part of it.

1 Giant Mind 1 1 Giant Mind 2 sunset 1 Giant Mind 3

We also got word today that we’ll both be volunteering at this years Ubud Writers Festival, which runs from Oct 5-9. It’s a huge culmination of writers from all over the world, over a 4 day event, speaking about their writing, workshops, book signings and events. It should be pretty exciting, but we’ll no doubt supply more info on that as we get closer to the day.