Big Bad Dogs

BIgBadDogOne of the more unusual places we’ve discovered to eat in Bali, is a little place called Big Bad Dog!

Not because it serves hot dogs, hamburgers AND burritos?? Not because it’s basically one room with a gas stove behind the front counter. No, this place is unusual because…nobody seems to work there!

Things seemed a bit weird when we walked in to the empty restaurant & asked the girl behind the counter if they were open for lunch, and as well as giving us a nervous smile & chuckle, she also gave us a not so confident…yessss?BBDCounter


Fiona ordered an iced coffee, which took a while to happen, and when it finally arrived, looked less like an iced coffee you’d get in a restaurant, & more like an iced coffee you’d get if someone asked you for muddy water with 3 ice cubes & sediment…thank you. She did apologize profusely for her inability to make it, but hey, at least she tried.

So we asked if we could order lunch & after several quick phone calls she told us…she isn’t staff! She didn’t work there & in fact, worked at the villa next door! The boss had gone out & the staff called in sick, so they asked if she could watch the place while the boss had gone out!

To her credit, she did actually make us two hotdogs and french fries, and they were quite good. Maybe they need to hire her or to make it a DIY restaurant.

BigBadFizzy BigBadJuzy

Night out with Nickers

Fi and I had a brilliant night out in Kuta with Fi’s niece, Nicole.

We started out at The Legends Bar in Legian, until closing time at midnight, then drifted into a bar in Kuta, where we met an incredibly lovely but totally MAD, MAD, MAD girl from New Zealand. Did I happen to mention she was MAD? She was so totally wasted and mostly preoccupied with taking people’s cameras and taking group photos of random strangers. It was all quite manic, fun and quite absurd.

20110928-233420.jpg 20110928-233725.jpg

(That’s her in the green…MAD I tells ya) From there, I endured a cyclical conversation with her that went from humorous to tedium before she enveloped Fiona in a kind of D&M that only worldly philosophers (or drunk women), can appreciate.

We then managed to squeeze across to the Sky Garden Lounge, next door, for drinks on the rooftop in the refreshing night air and a bit of boogie on the dance floor.

20110928-233444.jpg 20110928-233503.jpg

By the time we got to bed, it was 5:30am!! It was a really interesting, entertaining and awesome night. Thanks, Nickers 🙂


BUMP in the night

I had a very strange experience the other morning. I had a dream I was lying on a couch with no back, talking to three friends sitting along the wall. Suddenly, I felt somebody massaging my feet and thought, how can that be happening, there’s nobody there?

I then look down at my feet and suddenly, I’m awake in bed looking down at my feet. My arms are pinned down behind my head, with some kind of pressure forcing them down, and I can feel fingers massaging my feet, but there’s still nobody there!!

Suddenly, there was a kind of shudder and a sound like the sucking of air, and I felt as if I was somehow being sucked back to my body.

Pretty weird, but at least the massage cost me less than 50,000!

Tid Bits

A couple of interesting things about Bali, is the weirdly different way in which they package their foods, or in this case…unpackaged.20110925-055727.jpg
This is just perfect for a Hot Chip Sunday, especially if all you want is a handful of chips.

And the other interesting thing, is their use of biological technology . Check out this traditional Balinese Club-Lock!


Bali “Mel”

translation.jpgIf you’d been in the traditional local market this morning, you could well have mistaken me for Mel Gibson. Not only for our rugged good looks and charismatic charm, but also for the use of notorious faux pas.

Proud as punch and swelling with confidence in my iPhone App language translator, I practiced all morning so I could confidently ask in Bahasa Indonesian, “May I have three chicken breast fillets, in separate bags please.”

I felt like I’d walked into a saloon at high noon. The piano suddenly stopped, the dancing girls cowered behind their fans and the bum in the corner spat tibakee into a spittoon.

A level of shock, surprise and hilarity suddenly erupted and swelled throughout the market at my incredible mastery of the foreign language. Tears of amusement streamed from their red faces as it was explained to me that I had not in fact, asked for chicken breasts, but instead, I had asked for…

Chicken tits.


Was my face red.

So, lesson learned.

Bahasa Indonesian for Chicken breastdada.

Bahasa Indonesian for Woman’s breastpayudara.

Bahasa Indonesian for embarrassment Justin!!


Today we met up with Lily Wardoyo from the Ubud Writers Festival, at The InterContinental Bali Resort in Jimbaran Bay. To get there, we weaved our way through the Bali traffic, like…somebody that weaves things really, really good…like…some kind of…weaver…in a motorbike helmet…on a scooter…with someone else on the back. If there was such a person, then we would be it.

Navigating the traffic is like learning a dance. Sometimes it’s hip-hop, sometimes a graceful waltz. You flow and ebb with the rhythm and timing is everything. Oh, and try not to smack into anyone.

And if your GPS maps fail you because you can’t get reception on your phone, then you can always just follow the guy in front with Intercontinental Resort, emblazoned on the back of his jacket. Hopefully he’s on his way to work and not just wearing someone else’s jacket.

The Intercontinental Bali Resort is BEAUTIFUL. Humongous lobby and three swimming pools just inches from the ocean. Along with Lily, we met with Dewi Anggraini, Director of Public Relations, and Nyoman Winatha, Director of Conference & Events, who were just lovely. We discussed the details of the event we’ll be organising there which will be a Literary Dinner Conversation with Alexander McCall Smith, who is the author of The 44 Scotland Street Series, The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Series, The Sunday Philosophy Club Series and LA’s Orchestra Saves The World.

Should be an entertaining night, if we have any say in the matter…which we do 🙂

20110921-102321.jpg 20110921-102354.jpg 20110921-102530.jpg 20110921-102519.jpg 20110921-100929.jpg 20110921-101004.jpg 20110921-100949.jpg20110921-103237.jpg 20110921-102421.jpg 20110921-102506.jpg

Back to Legian for a beer with Gusti at The Legends Bar before zooming down to Petitenget beach for dinner on the beach at the beautiful La Lucchiola restaurant. Yet, another magic day.

20110921-101024.jpg 20110921-102554.jpg