Another Bali Gem

We’ve ridden past a restaurant called, Warung D’Sawah, many times before and never really took much notice. Mainly because, all you see from the street, is a tiny dusty carpark, no bigger than a living room. But on this occasion, I decided we’d pull in and investigate it further…

Wow! Another Bali Gem. Nestled at the end of a winding jungle path, the restaurant opens up into a multilayered open aired restaurant, with a lawn the size of a small football field, at the back of the rice paddy cut-through. Seats maybe a hundred, on the grass under the umbrellas, or the open aired stage level, or the undercover section a couple steps up.

And very eco-friendly. I’ve never seen so many frogs in the one place, in all of Bali. And every night, they have Balinese Dancing performed by some very cheeky kids in fantastic costumes.




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