Wet Dreams

Holy toledo!¬†Looks like our day dreams in the sun are more like wet dreams in the rain with all the weather we’ve been getting lately.

They don’t call it the wet season for nothing!

It rained three days straight in Bali, and while that was no great cause for alarm for us, I did notice the neighbours acting a little weird, gathering all their animals two-by-two. But basically for us, it meant we had to barricade ourselves into bed with videos and whatever we have in the cupboards, to snack on. And mind you, a grass-weaved placemat is no substitute for a salada biscuit, no matter how much butter you smear on it.

It also meant we had to amuse ourselves in other ways to prevent us from going stir crazy. Thankfully, my sister-in-law Steph, gave me an Impossipuzzle Jigsaw to help us wheedle away the time. Unfortunately for us, it took us less than 6 mins to complete the puzzle. Five minutes and 20 seconds for me to get it out of the box and 40 seconds for Fiona to solve it.

So, it’s back to wet dreams and videos in bed, eating furniture and editing crazy videos of our trip, like this…