Our Crazy Bali Xmas

Christmas morning in Bali. The stockings were full…and so was, John (full of Scotch). Stephie bummed a smoke off John in the morning which he misconstrued as on open invitation to stagger into our villa and hang out for a while. Lucky for all of us that Steph didn’t light up in front of him, or his breath could have blown us all to kingdom come! I think he spent the remainder of the day hibernating…poor John 😦

Gusti joined us for lunch at the Mal Bali Galleria and we booked in for Christmas Dinner at Pavone, in Legian. A huge 5 course meal with welcome drinks, bruschetta starter, seafood entree, roast beef and turkey main meal with vegetables, christmas pudding dessert with sherbet sorbet and tea/coffee with mince tart and gingerbread.

They also had a Bali Santa who gave Candice a gift (a packet of plastic zoo animals – score!), and they played Christmas carols on the baby grand piano while we ate. The staff, Yudha and Dedy, were absolutely top notch and Mark, the owner, even greeted us and thanked us as we left (something we didn’t see him do to any of the other customers). But then again, nobody else was sporting such festive headwear…

Only the cool kids πŸ™‚

The funniest part of the night that almost called for ringing the ambulance to administer oxygen to Irene and Stephie, was when Irene ordered her coffee “white.”

“Sorry, mama. We don’t have white coffee, only black. But we can give you black coffee…with milk?”

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7 More Things to Do at Dinner Alone…

…So you don’t look like a loser.

1. Learn a new language, like…morse code or semaphore.

2. Pretend to be blind.

3. Address everyone you speak to as Malcolm. “Thank you, Malcolm”, “Good Evening, Malcolm”. “Malcolm, how are you?”

4. Fake…Tourette syndrome.

5. Build a fort from as many tablecloths and empty chairs that you can find.

6. Leave your ID and wallet at home. (A great crowd pleaser).

7. Tell everyone you’re an expectant father!

(NB: Please note that performing some or all of these things, may not actually work. No matter what you do, eating alone in a restaurant, you will always look like a loser. Except for the last one, maybe) – JPB


Not as Fishy as it Seems…

I’ve never really been a fan of sardines, but I might make an exception for Sardine Restaurant Bali.Β 

And don’t be afraid to click on the link to their website. Pretty incredible looking place, nestled right within the rice paddies and the food was light and tasty, but a tad bit pricey. But still, you gotta eat, right? So, why not do it in style and paradise.

(And with a good looking woman, opposite you) πŸ™‚






There’s No Beef About It!

Stopped off for dinner tonight at theΒ Deity of Miracle Vegan Resto.

It’s a vegan restaurant that looks like a Balinese Temple. The food was really delicious and by far, the cheapest dining experience we’ve had in all of our experiences so far. Getting up to the restaurant is a bit like climbing an Aztec pyramid, and being a vegan restaurant…it was a long way to the top, without a sausage roll πŸ˜‰







Tip-toe thru the Tulips

Another exquisite “find” right around the corner from us, a beautiful Turkish & Mediterranean restaurant called, Tulip.

An exquisite array of finger food and dipsΒ (man, those Turks sure know how to cook fingers…even Colonel Sanders would be proud), followed by a selection of mouthwatering desserts, masterfully presented by Marlon Brando

“Gonna make you a dessert…you can’t refuse!”

So much food…and so much time to eat it, too πŸ™‚

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