Salt of the Earth

We had a taste of what it’s like to be famous. We spent some time in the little Spa Salon up near us, and we indulged in a manly pedicure, manicure and reflexology. Very relaxing except for the constant sound of a bike engine, warbling outside…oh wait, that’s Pascy…SNORING! Amazing, just like Nicholas Cage, he was gone in 60 seconds.

Later that night, the three of us walked along the beach from the Patra Bali Resort in Tuban (where Pascy’s family is staying), and into Kuta for dinner at a new place called The Stones Hotel and Entertainment Center. Totally amazing place, which has a nightclub and pool at the bottom, a world class restaurant, Salt Of The Earth, on the second floor, and a pool bar on the roof with five giant jacuzzis.

And we had the entire place to ourselves!

No kidding. There’s a big hotel out the back but it’s still under construction. I imagine once it’s finished, there’ll be thousands of people there, but tonight…ONLY THREE.


It was a little disappointing at first, we thought that perhaps it mustn’t be any good, but oh my god…maybe the best food I’ve ever had in all of Bali. And the desserts were definitely the highlight. You get two choices — Select three desserts…or select six desserts, um…for dessert. Naturally, we had to go with the six, and they bring out the most mouth watering desserts, but tiny mouthful size so you don’t end up too full.


Another highlight of course, was the bathrooms. Technologically advanced, the seat comes up and…lights up, as you open the door and begins to pre-heat the seat. A panel of buttons on the wall include functions such as front wash, rear wash, pulse, oscillate (my personal favourite), dry and a series of angle controls. I may never be the same again. The stall door also had a picture of a woman with her back to you on the front side and has her facing you on the inside. A little weird to have someone watching you while you’re running through the spin cycle. The women’s is the same but with different men on the doors.


And having the entire place to ourselves felt like we were rich, famous celebrities who rent out the entire building, just so they can have their tiny cake and eat it…without anyone in the world to bother them. Pretentious I know, but who cares, it was awesome 🙂


Barham Bali Reunion!

Like stepping out from Dr.Who’s TARDIS, so it was, that two likely lads from Barham, NSW, found themselves instantly transported back in time to an age when a Commodore 64 was considered, cutting edge technology. As if the 30 odd years we’ve known each other, was a figment of our imagination and we were once again, dinking each other around on our bikes, only this time…in Bali.

Hoorah! My longest known friend from primary and high school, Andrew Pasco, came to stay with us a few days and experience his first time ever in Bali. And what a way to experience it. Into the pool, only minutes after arriving. We had a mixture of rain and sunshine over the time Pascy was here, but even so, it was still hot, hot and did I mention…it was hot? Even the nights were still mild enough to enjoy a soak in the pool under the Bali moon and a symphony of accompanying gekko calls. Ahh, the serenity 🙂

Like all “must do” trips to Bali, shopping was definitely on the agenda. Pascy’s niece was getting married in Bali, so a quick trip out to Mal Bali Galeria for suitable beach linen attire and a quick stop into J.Co Coffee for coffee and donuts!


Before being unleashed upon Bali Brasco, Bali’s biggest, best and genuine factory outlet store for great quality knock-off’s at ridiculously cheap prices! Fillerup thanks, mate!


Dinner at Lemongrassin Canggu where we were served, greeted and entertained by Asia-lina Jolie. The name I dubbed to our beautiful but, crazy as bat-shit waitress, who shared with us her dreams of going to America to marry Tom Cruise (not Brad Pitt). I’m unsure if she’s even aware that he’s already married, and perhaps may-or-may-not be, into girls. Still, who are we to stand in the way of big dreams…go for it, Asia-lina!

Three Crazy Cows

Heather joined us a couple nights ago, all the way from dreary cold Melbourne, and officially became our very first official holiday guest! Yay, for Heather!! It’s actually her first visit to Bali and wasn’t quite sure if the brown tanned smiling faces greeting her at the airport, were Balinese or Australian, but a recognisable dance and squeal from Fiona, assured her it was us.

Lots of relaxing in the pool and unwinding from the stresses of school, it’s the first time Heather has taken leave in 28 years! So, we’re very privileged that she has used us as a worthy excuse for some well-overdue downtime.




Friday – my family left … And for the first time we were alone in Bali … Not a relative to be found!!
It was great having the Waltzers here, they loved us and looked after us 🙂
Luckily they left us lots of beer to drown our sorrows and ice-cream to lift our spirits.

SaturdayGrand Final – my team vs that other one.
We headed to the hustle and bustle of Legian to watch it on the big screen at Legends. So weird … Mostly a room full of Cats supporters … Some of whom got pretty smashed and by half time, there was a drunk young Cats supporter facing off with two old dogs of the Magpie variety … Very close to a bar brawl … The legends boys became seat fillers creating a barrier between the rivals, and gave them a bowl of nuts … Clearly a Balinese tradition for calming people down!!

And then the Pies lost 😦
A certain sullen Swans supporter was not sympathetic to my despair … nor my early onset hangover from the afternoon Bintangs.

Sunday – we, Gede, Aru and the beautiful baby Gede came for a swim – happiest baby in the world with the biggest smile … Nearly as big as the egg on the side of his head where he bumped it on our table! 😦

Still here living the dream in disbelief … Sunstroked and waterlogged … happy days.


Night out with Nickers

Fi and I had a brilliant night out in Kuta with Fi’s niece, Nicole.

We started out at The Legends Bar in Legian, until closing time at midnight, then drifted into a bar in Kuta, where we met an incredibly lovely but totally MAD, MAD, MAD girl from New Zealand. Did I happen to mention she was MAD? She was so totally wasted and mostly preoccupied with taking people’s cameras and taking group photos of random strangers. It was all quite manic, fun and quite absurd.

20110928-233420.jpg 20110928-233725.jpg

(That’s her in the green…MAD I tells ya) From there, I endured a cyclical conversation with her that went from humorous to tedium before she enveloped Fiona in a kind of D&M that only worldly philosophers (or drunk women), can appreciate.

We then managed to squeeze across to the Sky Garden Lounge, next door, for drinks on the rooftop in the refreshing night air and a bit of boogie on the dance floor.

20110928-233444.jpg 20110928-233503.jpg

By the time we got to bed, it was 5:30am!! It was a really interesting, entertaining and awesome night. Thanks, Nickers 🙂


Water Baby Gede

Spent a day by the pool with Baby Gede, Aru, Gede and his father Ketut, their friend Nyoman as well as Jacqui and Roland. He looks so super cute in his bling, very gangsta, and just so totally adorable.

20110919-061613.jpg 20110919-061709.jpg 20110919-061625.jpg 20110919-061633.jpg

The most surprising part of the day was when Gede announced that he would take Roland to get a chicken for dinner and that Aru would cook us a lovely traditional Balinese dinner. Surprising, because they actually had to pick the chicken out, then they kill and pluck it right in front of them before they bring it home. It doesn’t get any fresher than that, folks.

Also, because there’s only the two of us here, we don’t have enough plates or cooking pans for a feast, so they picked up more stuff from their place and brought it back here so that, Aru could cook us a wonderful feast of Balinese friend chicken, rice and delicious spicy chicken soup. Bagus makanan 🙂

20110919-061642.jpg 20110919-061648.jpg 20110919-061655.jpg