Monitor Our Behaviour

Sound the alarm bells and alert the authorities because today we realised there has been a HUGE invasion of our privacy! All this time, we’ve been casually frolicking at home minding our own business, completely unaware that all this time…we are being spied uponin our own home!!

Shakin’ Stevens

An unusual event for us this morning, in that, usually the earth moves when we’re gittin’ jiggy-widdit, but this time, we weren’t even in the same room as each other! I thought at first there were trucks driving past causing a small rumble and our windows to rattle a bit, then we realised the whole house was moving and the water in the pool was sloshing around. That’s when we realised we were having an earthquake!

Nothing serious, lasted maybe 30 seconds, but we did notice all the staff run out into the carpark of the local high-rise residences next door. All seems quiet on the Asian front, however, I guess only time will tell. And in Bali, everything runs on rubber time (jam karat), so no telling when things will happen. We’ll just have to make sure our lilo’s are inflated and our glasses, topped up.

Offering to the Gods

An interesting morning so far. Woke up to the joyous feeling of rumbles & nausea, which can only mean one thing…either I was pregnant or I had gastro? Either way, I’m about to scare the crap out of myself and seeing as I’m a man, then the latter is most probable.

The main issue is, we have a long ride to Ubud this afternoon & if things don’t clear up by then, well…at least we’ll be able to follow our tracks back home! Or rather, my tracks.

So we had breakfast at Biku (the Princess’s Tea House), to test the PA system for Saturday’s event, and it was very slow going, making sure not to rock the boat. Wheatgrass shots & peppermint tea certainly did the trick…for a little while.

On the scooter on our way home, just two corners away from leaving Biku, Fiona must have thought she was married to James Bond, as I ejector-seated myself off the bike, with a double twist in the half pike position onto my hands and knees, leaning over the open drain on the side of the road…and made a very colorful… offering to the gods!

Thank god my helmet visor was up, or I could have had a front row seat to Jason & His Techni-coloured Dreamcoat.

Anyway, feeling much better now after getting that off my chest (or out of my system), and just so you’re not completely turned off…here’s a picture of a kitten 🙂



Friday – my family left … And for the first time we were alone in Bali … Not a relative to be found!!
It was great having the Waltzers here, they loved us and looked after us 🙂
Luckily they left us lots of beer to drown our sorrows and ice-cream to lift our spirits.

SaturdayGrand Final – my team vs that other one.
We headed to the hustle and bustle of Legian to watch it on the big screen at Legends. So weird … Mostly a room full of Cats supporters … Some of whom got pretty smashed and by half time, there was a drunk young Cats supporter facing off with two old dogs of the Magpie variety … Very close to a bar brawl … The legends boys became seat fillers creating a barrier between the rivals, and gave them a bowl of nuts … Clearly a Balinese tradition for calming people down!!

And then the Pies lost 😦
A certain sullen Swans supporter was not sympathetic to my despair … nor my early onset hangover from the afternoon Bintangs.

Sunday – we, Gede, Aru and the beautiful baby Gede came for a swim – happiest baby in the world with the biggest smile … Nearly as big as the egg on the side of his head where he bumped it on our table! 😦

Still here living the dream in disbelief … Sunstroked and waterlogged … happy days.


BUMP in the night

I had a very strange experience the other morning. I had a dream I was lying on a couch with no back, talking to three friends sitting along the wall. Suddenly, I felt somebody massaging my feet and thought, how can that be happening, there’s nobody there?

I then look down at my feet and suddenly, I’m awake in bed looking down at my feet. My arms are pinned down behind my head, with some kind of pressure forcing them down, and I can feel fingers massaging my feet, but there’s still nobody there!!

Suddenly, there was a kind of shudder and a sound like the sucking of air, and I felt as if I was somehow being sucked back to my body.

Pretty weird, but at least the massage cost me less than 50,000!

Water Baby Gede

Spent a day by the pool with Baby Gede, Aru, Gede and his father Ketut, their friend Nyoman as well as Jacqui and Roland. He looks so super cute in his bling, very gangsta, and just so totally adorable.

20110919-061613.jpg 20110919-061709.jpg 20110919-061625.jpg 20110919-061633.jpg

The most surprising part of the day was when Gede announced that he would take Roland to get a chicken for dinner and that Aru would cook us a lovely traditional Balinese dinner. Surprising, because they actually had to pick the chicken out, then they kill and pluck it right in front of them before they bring it home. It doesn’t get any fresher than that, folks.

Also, because there’s only the two of us here, we don’t have enough plates or cooking pans for a feast, so they picked up more stuff from their place and brought it back here so that, Aru could cook us a wonderful feast of Balinese friend chicken, rice and delicious spicy chicken soup. Bagus makanan 🙂

20110919-061642.jpg 20110919-061648.jpg 20110919-061655.jpg


wet footprintsNote to Self…leave the pool cleaning to the pool boy!

Tried cleaning the pool myself before we have guests tomorrow. Took me a good 45 minutes to figure out how to work the pool vac, a good 90 minutes to actually clean the pool…and a good 2 seconds to fall ass-over-tit into the pool, FULLY CLOTHED with my mobile phone IN MY POCKET.

Jacqui told me to stick my phone in a jar of rice and the rice will absorb all the moisture out of the phone. And it worked. My phone is still operational but I think from now on, I’ll leave it to the professionals 🙂