Today I spent the day with my old mate, David James, from my old cinema days in Queensland, over 10 years ago.

DJ now works as a flight attendant for the new, Air Australia, and had a stopover in Bali, staying at the Novatel Hotel in Nusa Dua.


We wandered down for a couple of sodas at Geni Beach, then scooted into Kuta…two passengers, but only one helmet…


Got pulled over by the local authorities and had to follow him into a deserted alley. He showed me the fine for not wearing a helmet was Rp. 250,000. We could follow him to the station and he’d write us up a ticket, or…we could just pay him now. DJ used to be a cop, way before we met at the cinemas, but he still had his old id. That worked a little in our favour. In that caseRp. 200,000!

So, DJ coughed up the cash and he said we could get back on our way, but two passengers=two helmets. Since we still had to get from Nusa Dua to Kuta, I asked him what happens if we get pulled over again before we get to Kuta. His reply, “No problem, I call my friend,” and indicated his walkie-talkie.

Who the hell knows what that means, or how that works, but he left us Rp. 200,000 lighter and we headed in to Kuta. Low and behold, we got pulled over again just as we got into Kuta. “No helmet, pull over”. Not again…this time, I told him we already got pulled over in Nusa Dua and was told we’d be okay. He asked if we paid the ticket, which of course, we replied, “yes”. He looked a little skeptical and asked us how much. We told him Rp. 250,000 (as that was the cost of the fine I was shown in the book earlier), and he seemed satisfied with that and sent us on our way. We only had about half a block to go anyway.

So, we parked the bike and initiated DJ into the creepy joy that is, the Bali Fish Spa. Hundreds of tiny “Dr.Fish”, nibbling away at your dead skin cells, me likey very much 🙂 Then we moseyed on up to the Memorial and then back to Kuta beach, before indulging in a chocolate sundae on a Sunday 🙂

It was great to catch up with me old mate, and piled him into a cab to take him back to the Novatel before he flies back out tomorrow.

Safe skies, my friend 🙂


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