Strangeness in familiarity

Fiona here …
Back home.
It is a weird mix of strange and familiar.
Pre and post flight was quite a drama, the flight itself very good. Once I was finally home I managed a quick and amazing shower (no water pressure in Bali!), before my sisters and mum descended. Sandwiches and party pies later my clean house was a mess and all the gossip was caught up on 🙂
The evening was weird, home alone in a house with 4 walls and even stranger sleeping alone. One of my sisters gave me a framed photo of Justin for beside the bed, I slept like a log and awoke to the smiling framed face of my loved one 🙂
Today a trip to southland was once again a mix of familiar and strange. How easily we slip back into our familiarity. Still weird to have everything so convenient, and hardly any motorbikes. I kept forgetting to put on my seatbelt, and found it weird to brush my hair and have to choose clothes that included socks and heeled shoes!
So lovely to see my family.
Missed seeing the sun though!

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