Bank On Us

So I went to the ATM the get some cash out yesterday and you know that part of your wallet that holds all your credit cards? The ones that look like little slots that you stick your card in that keeps them all neat and organised? Well, mine usually has a bright yellow Bali ATM card in the first slot, but for some inexplicable reason, it was now a kind of a brown leathery colour, the exact same colour as my wallet. And instead of it being opaque, you could now see right through it. And in the past, where you usually grab it with your fingertips and pull it out of your wallet? Well believe it or not, my fingers went right through it, like it wasn’t even there! Probably because where that bright yellow ATM card used to be, was now just a blank, leathery…EMPTY SLOT!



And just like so many things here that never fail to surprise us, getting a replacement card sorted out with the bank…was unbelievably efficient!! Not only did they give me a new card (right there and then), but they also gave me a new PIN number, straight away! No, “7-10 days to reissue your card and a week later to receive your PIN in the mail”, like in Oz. I couldn’t believe it. But there was a catch (oh yes, there’s always a catch). It won’t be active until 6pm…AND…it will cost Rp 25,000 for a new card.

That’s it?

Let me translate…Rp 25,000 is about $2.50 AUD. And a few hours to wait for my card to be active, is no problem, whatsoever.

And while I was busy sorting out my ATM card business, Fiona was busy conducting her own business as Commonwealth Bank Bali’s — International liaison. Helpfully assisting other Aussie tourists with their bank queries and advising them about how the system works over here. Thank goodness I lost my ATM card, or there’d still be heaps of frustrated Aussie tourists trying to figure out how this island banking system works.

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