Barham Bali Reunion!

Like stepping out from Dr.Who’s TARDIS, so it was, that two likely lads from Barham, NSW, found themselves instantly transported back in time to an age when a Commodore 64 was considered, cutting edge technology. As if the 30 odd years we’ve known each other, was a figment of our imagination and we were once again, dinking each other around on our bikes, only this time…in Bali.

Hoorah! My longest known friend from primary and high school, Andrew Pasco, came to stay with us a few days and experience his first time ever in Bali. And what a way to experience it. Into the pool, only minutes after arriving. We had a mixture of rain and sunshine over the time Pascy was here, but even so, it was still hot, hot and did I mention…it was hot? Even the nights were still mild enough to enjoy a soak in the pool under the Bali moon and a symphony of accompanying gekko calls. Ahh, the serenity 🙂

Like all “must do” trips to Bali, shopping was definitely on the agenda. Pascy’s niece was getting married in Bali, so a quick trip out to Mal Bali Galeria for suitable beach linen attire and a quick stop into J.Co Coffee for coffee and donuts!


Before being unleashed upon Bali Brasco, Bali’s biggest, best and genuine factory outlet store for great quality knock-off’s at ridiculously cheap prices! Fillerup thanks, mate!


Dinner at Lemongrassin Canggu where we were served, greeted and entertained by Asia-lina Jolie. The name I dubbed to our beautiful but, crazy as bat-shit waitress, who shared with us her dreams of going to America to marry Tom Cruise (not Brad Pitt). I’m unsure if she’s even aware that he’s already married, and perhaps may-or-may-not be, into girls. Still, who are we to stand in the way of big dreams…go for it, Asia-lina!

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