Shakin’ Stevens

An unusual event for us this morning, in that, usually the earth moves when we’re gittin’ jiggy-widdit, but this time, we weren’t even in the same room as each other! I thought at first there were trucks driving past causing a small rumble and our windows to rattle a bit, then we realised the whole house was moving and the water in the pool was sloshing around. That’s when we realised we were having an earthquake!

Nothing serious, lasted maybe 30 seconds, but we did notice all the staff run out into the carpark of the local high-rise residences next door. All seems quiet on the Asian front, however, I guess only time will tell. And in Bali, everything runs on rubber time (jam karat), so no telling when things will happen. We’ll just have to make sure our lilo’s are inflated and our glasses, topped up.

6 thoughts on “Shakin’ Stevens

  1. A strong earthquake has struck off the coast of Bali, shaking the police compound where an Australian teenager is being held on drugs charges.

    The quake, measured by the US Geological Survey as 6.0, made the walls of the police headquarters warp and flex.

    As the windows shook, hundreds of staff rushed out into the central courtyard.

    It is understood the Australian teenager being held there on drugs charges was moved out of his cell but remained inside the building during the brief quake.

    Adult prisoners in the regular holding cells remained locked behind bars.

    Indonesia’s geophysical agency says the quake measures 6.8 and struck about 140 kilometres south west of Denpasar at a depth of 10 kilometres.

    There are no immediate reports of damage or injuries.
    The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has not issued any tsunami warning as a result of the quake.

    • But they didn’t mention the part about how it also spilled my drink & smeared my mascara! Honestly, I have no idea why the reports have been so exaggerated. It lasted maybe 20-30 secs, rattled our windows, sloshed the water in the pool a bit (no worse than when I dive in, myself), was a little rumbly underfoot but my gosh…the media really is spinning things WAAAY out of control. We’re all good here πŸ™‚

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