Show us your Betelnuts!


A lightning dash to Ubud in the rain at night, for our 2nd official volunteering event, the Sounds Of Seasons with Paul Kelly Fundraiser, raising funds for next year’s Ubud Writers Festival.

We’ve only just had time to breathe, finishing up our earlier event at Biku in Seminyak,


then dashing up to look for and check into our hotel in the wilds of Ubud, the Casa Ganesha Hotel (once again, Google maps and Ubud; like Kate Moss and donuts – they just don’t mix. And frankly, where’d you find a glass big enough?), then high-tailing it to the event at Betelnut – Noodle, Satay Bar & Music Lounge. Which was infinitely better than the music bar and noodle lounge. You can’t believe how difficult it is sitting on a lounge made from noodles, especially in white pants!

But we’re buzzed and charged, because we’re spending our night with Paul Kelly!!

Nina, the event coordinator, placed us specifically in this event because she knew what great fans we are. How nice…and cool, of her. She said it’s mostly all Aussie volunteers on that night, so you should have a blast! And what a night it was!!…

…(insert crickets “chirping” here)

Turns out, she had us running the silent auction…outside…the venue! What the? So all us Aussie’s, specially placed so we could have a blast with Paul Kelly…ended up with a just a breeze from the local drunks, outside. Awesome!!

Mind you, it did have it’s perks. We did meet a myriad of weird, crazy and lovely people. Basically, we had all kinds of donated prizes that people would stagger out and write down a bid on. At the end of the night, whoever had the highest bid on that item, wins that prize. So, we had all kinds of people to talk, laugh and poke fun at…but that’s enough about me 🙂

Lovely people, like 70yr old, Sally Sweetapple (yes, that’s her real name). And the crazy woman who almost bid on everything and damn well almost won everything (last seen fleeing from her husband and trying to eat and swallow all her credit card statements). Me old mate, Steve Bisley, wandered out for a chat or two and we did make friends with another Aussie in the group, a professional photographer named Sally.

As I said, it did have it’s perks because running the silent auction meant, we could bid on anything we wanted. And so it is, that I won a 4 hour music studio session and night for two in a beautiful villa, for a measly $100. Watch out for my demo, coming soon!!

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