Foreign Correspondents

preparations.jpgOur final day of volunteer events at the Ubud Writers Festival. This time, I’m MC-ing a Literary Lunch with Alexander McCall Smith at the magnificently exotic, Maya Ubud Resort and Spa and Fiona is assisting with checking tickets at the door. Jaw-droppingly A-mazing place, nestled away in the mountains of Ubud…(insert “drool” here).

Mayareception.jpg MayaDrive.jpg

This is my most nerve-racking of all our events, because Alexander McCall Smith is one of their biggest draw cards. He’s written over 60 books! More than I’ve read in my entire life!! (Who am I kidding?…10 books is more than I’ve read in my entire life…8 maybe?). He’s most famous for his No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series, which has now also been made into a TV series. Remarkable man, and very amusing.


The other highlight for me, is that the moderator leading the conversation today, is none other than renown respected Aussie journalist and TV Host, Jennifer Byrne, and reading her resume, you could easily confuse her with G.I. Jane! What an incredible life she’s led. And super lovely, smart and approachable…but that’s enough about Fiona 😉 (Who am I kidding?…there could never be enough of Fiona).

I feel incredibly privileged to be rubbing shoulders and working with such respected and inspiring people, at least, that’s what they said about working with me 🙂


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