Paul Kelly makes us cry over gravy…

So the 2011 Ubud Writers Festival has kicked off. The events we’re involved with are a couple days away, so we had time to come up to Ubud to take in a couple of events that were of significant interest to us. However, there was some apprehension because it must have been laundry day for “the man upstairs”, as it was bucketing down, on the island of the Gods. Not a problem for us of course, because we’ve got a scooter!…Oh, wait…

A quick duck into the local Carrefour Department Store on the way, and quicker than you can type who’s-a-weather-beaten-dork-then?…

20111009-180549.jpg 20111009-181151.jpg

…Problem Solved!

It’s amazing how many brightly coloured ponchos were suddenly on the road. Like a Walt Disney symphony of magical dancing tea-bags…on ice!(well…wet wheels, perhaps?)

20111009-181641.jpg 20111009-181827.jpg

By the time we got to Ubud, the rain had temporarily cleared and I introduced myself and my beautiful wife, to the incredibly humble, yet incredibly talented (sounds a little bit like me?), Paul Kelly, before he began his riveting conversation about the release of his book, How to Make Gravy. And privied us (is that even a word?) to a spellbinding mini-acoustic concert, to boot. The link below gives a great account of the entire session.

Paul Kelly makes us cry over gravy… | 2011 Ubud Writers & Readers Festival | Nandurin Karang Awak | Cultivate the Land Within.

Paul Kelly

Interestingly (to us, at least), was that actor, Steve Bisley, sat opposite us and was also there to enjoy the session. He must have known Paul Kelly, as he gave him a cheeky pinch on the bum as he walked past…although, he also groped a pineapple and made out with an origami swan, so I could’ve been mistaken.

Spent the afternoon being entertained by some funny panelists including Australia’s, Corinne Grant, a Sri-Lankan writer who thought he’d written a serious book and suddenly found himself on a comedy panel, a “Guido-esque” Iraqian who lives in Holland and is only famous in his street…not for his writing, but for his long black hair (not common with Dutch folk), and a very comical MC who looked Indian, had a well-rounded English accent and lives in Hong Kong (so no telling where he was from), and their subject for discussion? The delicate art of putting humour on the page…was hardly (if at all), even discussed.

More rain on the way home, but thanks to our newly acquired uber-sexy teabags, we were drier than a dead dingo’s donger!

One thought on “Paul Kelly makes us cry over gravy…

  1. Such colourful language, teabags & dingo’s dongers lol lol lol gotta love ‘im….you should be a writer lol lol lol mawah xxxxxxxx

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