Offering to the Gods

An interesting morning so far. Woke up to the joyous feeling of rumbles & nausea, which can only mean one thing…either I was pregnant or I had gastro? Either way, I’m about to scare the crap out of myself and seeing as I’m a man, then the latter is most probable.

The main issue is, we have a long ride to Ubud this afternoon & if things don’t clear up by then, well…at least we’ll be able to follow our tracks back home! Or rather, my tracks.

So we had breakfast at Biku (the Princess’s Tea House), to test the PA system for Saturday’s event, and it was very slow going, making sure not to rock the boat. Wheatgrass shots & peppermint tea certainly did the trick…for a little while.

On the scooter on our way home, just two corners away from leaving Biku, Fiona must have thought she was married to James Bond, as I ejector-seated myself off the bike, with a double twist in the half pike position onto my hands and knees, leaning over the open drain on the side of the road…and made a very colorful… offering to the gods!

Thank god my helmet visor was up, or I could have had a front row seat to Jason & His Techni-coloured Dreamcoat.

Anyway, feeling much better now after getting that off my chest (or out of my system), and just so you’re not completely turned off…here’s a picture of a kitten 🙂


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