Did you ever know that you’re my hero ….

So my lovely husband has of course always held hero status in my eyes but today has moved up to super-hero status. Let me explain …

If you read the previous post you would be aware that Justin had a cheeky spew by the side of the road today … after a very yummy breakfast of Omelette … (yes you can thank me for the visual) … Nasty tummy bugs seem to have no regard for timing or location.

The reason though that he achieves superhero status is that he then rode us all the way to Ubud … and back on the motorbike.


Festival signage on the way to Ubud

So here’s the thing … I know what it feels like to need to vomit … uggghhh … granted, for me it has generally been self-induced. If you are going to be humiliated about street spews Bali is probably on ok place for it to happen, people are very understanding of the tummy bug issue … not so much on the streets of LA or the London Underground or even a Parkdale driveway … but that is a much longer conversation about my mis-spent youth … (and yes this past year does count as my youth in the Parkdale story – sorry Alex I blame Kylie) … fear not though 40 is just around the corner and consequently behaviours will be modified.

However I digress.

Point is … I understand the horrible feeling of needing to be sick, add to this needing to be sick in the heat .. add to this driving to Ubud on a motorbike (an hour drive away) and back … in crazy Bali traffic,



just lugging a wheelbarrow around on the motorbike ... no problem

and some tyres ... as you do.

on pot riddled roads, wet roads from Ubud rain … and back …

..after trying to be professional and sociable in a room of 80 noisy people.

Justin's lunch - digestive tonic, nausea tablets & antibiotics - none of which stayed in him for very long 😦

And your wife finding funny photo opportunities ….


at lunch ... look closer ... magazine in background ... baahhaaaha

So yeah … I’m married to a super-hero 🙂

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