Princess and the TEA (not pea)

Today we had a meeting with Lily Wayodo from the Ubud Writers Festival, at the infamous Biku Tea House in Seminyak. Infamous not only for it’s incredible High Tea with delectable scones with jam and cream, delicious cakes and pastries, assortments of fine finger sandwiches and occasional tarot readings. It’s infamy mainly lies in the fact that it is owned by Asri Kerthyasa. Otherwise known as…The Princess of Bali.

In reality, she was originally a kindergarten teacher from Sydney, named Jane Gillespie, who married her Balinese Prince Charming (Prince Tjokorda Raka Kerthyasa), when she was 24 years old in 1978. They were on the cover of Womens Weekly and everything!

You can read more about her incredibly interesting story here…Once Upon A Time

We met her because Fiona is Event Supervisor for High Tea with Juan Gabriel Vasquez, a literary high-tea afternoon conversation event as part of the Ubud Writers Festival, of which, I will also be MC. The event is on next Saturday and is being held at the Biku Tea House. We met with Asri and Lily to go over all the formalities.

Another interesting article about her here…It’s Good to be the Princess!

Talk about down to earth, I actually had no idea she was a Princess until after we met with her. I might have been distracted by the gold and jewellery. Or maybe it was the sword? She actually schooled me in the art of Balinese etiquette, teaching me the correct way to finish a meal and to be very careful about how you say the word “full”. The Indonesian word means “full”, but in Balinsese, means…erection!

Oh, Your Majesty…behave yourself!

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