Friday – my family left … And for the first time we were alone in Bali … Not a relative to be found!!
It was great having the Waltzers here, they loved us and looked after us 🙂
Luckily they left us lots of beer to drown our sorrows and ice-cream to lift our spirits.

SaturdayGrand Final – my team vs that other one.
We headed to the hustle and bustle of Legian to watch it on the big screen at Legends. So weird … Mostly a room full of Cats supporters … Some of whom got pretty smashed and by half time, there was a drunk young Cats supporter facing off with two old dogs of the Magpie variety … Very close to a bar brawl … The legends boys became seat fillers creating a barrier between the rivals, and gave them a bowl of nuts … Clearly a Balinese tradition for calming people down!!

And then the Pies lost 😦
A certain sullen Swans supporter was not sympathetic to my despair … nor my early onset hangover from the afternoon Bintangs.

Sunday – we, Gede, Aru and the beautiful baby Gede came for a swim – happiest baby in the world with the biggest smile … Nearly as big as the egg on the side of his head where he bumped it on our table! 😦

Still here living the dream in disbelief … Sunstroked and waterlogged … happy days.


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