Nothing more to be said…

Bootleg Bodie

On our adventures this morning, we popped into a local video store and found the first season of Winners & Losers, with our No.1 Son featured 2nd top billing on the cover!

Way to go Damo 🙂


Water Baby Gede

Spent a day by the pool with Baby Gede, Aru, Gede and his father Ketut, their friend Nyoman as well as Jacqui and Roland. He looks so super cute in his bling, very gangsta, and just so totally adorable.

20110919-061613.jpg 20110919-061709.jpg 20110919-061625.jpg 20110919-061633.jpg

The most surprising part of the day was when Gede announced that he would take Roland to get a chicken for dinner and that Aru would cook us a lovely traditional Balinese dinner. Surprising, because they actually had to pick the chicken out, then they kill and pluck it right in front of them before they bring it home. It doesn’t get any fresher than that, folks.

Also, because there’s only the two of us here, we don’t have enough plates or cooking pans for a feast, so they picked up more stuff from their place and brought it back here so that, Aru could cook us a wonderful feast of Balinese friend chicken, rice and delicious spicy chicken soup. Bagus makanan 🙂

20110919-061642.jpg 20110919-061648.jpg 20110919-061655.jpg


wet footprintsNote to Self…leave the pool cleaning to the pool boy!

Tried cleaning the pool myself before we have guests tomorrow. Took me a good 45 minutes to figure out how to work the pool vac, a good 90 minutes to actually clean the pool…and a good 2 seconds to fall ass-over-tit into the pool, FULLY CLOTHED with my mobile phone IN MY POCKET.

Jacqui told me to stick my phone in a jar of rice and the rice will absorb all the moisture out of the phone. And it worked. My phone is still operational but I think from now on, I’ll leave it to the professionals 🙂

From here to Eternity….or Ubud (whichever is closer)

So we had a meeting set for last Friday to meet Lily and Nina from the Ubud Writer’s Festival, in the beautiful township of Ubud, which is home to the Monkey Forest and the King’s Palace and is a huge artists community.

So we biked it up to Ubud. About 32kms and approx 42 mins according to Google maps. According to Lifeintherealworld maps, however, it took about 2 hrs to get there. One thing about Bali, “all roads lead to Ubud”…except the one we were on. We knew we were on the wrong road after passing the sign that read…You are now leaving Kansas and I knew then, we weren’t in Kansas no more.

Fortunately, we got back on the right road and made it into Ubud only to discover the street we needed to go down, was blocked off for a ceremony.  Like rats sniffing out cheese in a maze, we had to meander our way through the labyrinth of streets to finally arrive at the UWF Head Office, which coincidentally, smelled of cheese? Maybe not.

Ubud Views

Our meeting went well, we’ve been asked to run an event in Kerobokan and another possible event in Jimbaran Bay, as well as a few MC-ing gigs that might be required. So that will be fun. We lunched next door with beautiful views of the hills overlooking a large swimming pool before another ball breaking ride back home.

Fiona's SunburnThe ride back home only took an hour and a half, and boy, were our butts (and my perineum) sore. Not to mention, Fiona forgot to slip-slop-slap…Yowzer!!

Echo Beach

Beautiful days continue.  On Wednesday Jacqui, Roland & Nicole met us for lunch at ‘Echo Beach’. Lunch was followed by some lazing on the beach while Justin climbed the rocks. A beautiful, peaceful afternoon.


On the ride home we got a call from ‘The Ubud Writers Festival’ wanting us to come in on Friday so they could meet us. They are interested in us running some of the special events, and maybe doing some MC work. Exciting….if we can work out how to get to Ubud!!