Big Bad Dogs

BIgBadDogOne of the more unusual places we’ve discovered to eat in Bali, is a little place called Big Bad Dog!

Not because it serves hot dogs, hamburgers AND burritos?? Not because it’s basically one room with a gas stove behind the front counter. No, this place is unusual because…nobody seems to work there!

Things seemed a bit weird when we walked in to the empty restaurant & asked the girl behind the counter if they were open for lunch, and as well as giving us a nervous smile & chuckle, she also gave us a not so confident…yessss?BBDCounter


Fiona ordered an iced coffee, which took a while to happen, and when it finally arrived, looked less like an iced coffee you’d get in a restaurant, & more like an iced coffee you’d get if someone asked you for muddy water with 3 ice cubes & sediment…thank you. She did apologize profusely for her inability to make it, but hey, at least she tried.

So we asked if we could order lunch & after several quick phone calls she told us…she isn’t staff! She didn’t work there & in fact, worked at the villa next door! The boss had gone out & the staff called in sick, so they asked if she could watch the place while the boss had gone out!

To her credit, she did actually make us two hotdogs and french fries, and they were quite good. Maybe they need to hire her or to make it a DIY restaurant.

BigBadFizzy BigBadJuzy

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