Night out with Nickers

Fi and I had a brilliant night out in Kuta with Fi’s niece, Nicole.

We started out at The Legends Bar in Legian, until closing time at midnight, then drifted into a bar in Kuta, where we met an incredibly lovely but totally MAD, MAD, MAD girl from New Zealand. Did I happen to mention she was MAD? She was so totally wasted and mostly preoccupied with taking people’s cameras and taking group photos of random strangers. It was all quite manic, fun and quite absurd.

20110928-233420.jpg 20110928-233725.jpg

(That’s her in the green…MAD I tells ya) From there, I endured a cyclical conversation with her that went from humorous to tedium before she enveloped Fiona in a kind of D&M that only worldly philosophers (or drunk women), can appreciate.

We then managed to squeeze across to the Sky Garden Lounge, next door, for drinks on the rooftop in the refreshing night air and a bit of boogie on the dance floor.

20110928-233444.jpg 20110928-233503.jpg

By the time we got to bed, it was 5:30am!! It was a really interesting, entertaining and awesome night. Thanks, Nickers 🙂


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