Bali “Mel”

translation.jpgIf you’d been in the traditional local market this morning, you could well have mistaken me for Mel Gibson. Not only for our rugged good looks and charismatic charm, but also for the use of notorious faux pas.

Proud as punch and swelling with confidence in my iPhone App language translator, I practiced all morning so I could confidently ask in Bahasa Indonesian, “May I have three chicken breast fillets, in separate bags please.”

I felt like I’d walked into a saloon at high noon. The piano suddenly stopped, the dancing girls cowered behind their fans and the bum in the corner spat tibakee into a spittoon.

A level of shock, surprise and hilarity suddenly erupted and swelled throughout the market at my incredible mastery of the foreign language. Tears of amusement streamed from their red faces as it was explained to me that I had not in fact, asked for chicken breasts, but instead, I had asked for…

Chicken tits.


Was my face red.

So, lesson learned.

Bahasa Indonesian for Chicken breastdada.

Bahasa Indonesian for Woman’s breastpayudara.

Bahasa Indonesian for embarrassment Justin!!

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