Water Baby Gede

Spent a day by the pool with Baby Gede, Aru, Gede and his father Ketut, their friend Nyoman as well as Jacqui and Roland. He looks so super cute in his bling, very gangsta, and just so totally adorable.

20110919-061613.jpg 20110919-061709.jpg 20110919-061625.jpg 20110919-061633.jpg

The most surprising part of the day was when Gede announced that he would take Roland to get a chicken for dinner and that Aru would cook us a lovely traditional Balinese dinner. Surprising, because they actually had to pick the chicken out, then they kill and pluck it right in front of them before they bring it home. It doesn’t get any fresher than that, folks.

Also, because there’s only the two of us here, we don’t have enough plates or cooking pans for a feast, so they picked up more stuff from their place and brought it back here so that, Aru could cook us a wonderful feast of Balinese friend chicken, rice and delicious spicy chicken soup. Bagus makanan 🙂

20110919-061642.jpg 20110919-061648.jpg 20110919-061655.jpg

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