1 Giant Mind

Hazah! Our original pool guy, Yayan, started back on our pool today. Replaced the faulty pump and started the whole chemical and clean up process. He’ll be here another 2 days to ensure the pool is back to it’s crystal clear glory and we will once again be able to float in happiness. Yay 🙂

1 Giant Mind

We went down to the beach tonight to participate in 1 Giant Mind. It’s a lead up to a global world record attempt to have as many people on the face of the planet, meditate at the same time, or as they prefer to call it, Eyes Closed Silence. 1 Giant Mind’s mission is to coordinate the largest simultaneous global experience of eyes closed silence and measure the collective effect through scientific research, and they started the first test leg here in Bali and we went down to be a part of it.

1 Giant Mind 1 1 Giant Mind 2 sunset 1 Giant Mind 3

We also got word today that we’ll both be volunteering at this years Ubud Writers Festival, which runs from Oct 5-9. It’s a huge culmination of writers from all over the world, over a 4 day event, speaking about their writing, workshops, book signings and events. It should be pretty exciting, but we’ll no doubt supply more info on that as we get closer to the day.

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