Nothing’sarong, Everything’salright

So this is how we spent today … we awoke and put on sarongs, and this is how we remained, all day.      The balinese equivalent to a PJ day.


We frittered away the day, played Monopoly on the ipad (this time Justin devastated) and snacked on mysterious foods. One of which was green bread … that had a sweet spread inside … we’ve seen them at the shop and wondered what they were. We are still no wiser!

20110909-062759.jpg   20110909-062806.jpg

(This pic is not edited .. it really is this green!!)

One of my bosses sent this link out to all the staff at school …

I thought about what my 30 day challenge would be … and came to the conclusion that right now I am enjoying the openess of nothing … not having any deadlines, not having to do anything. And so for now nothingness it is, and when I get tired of that then I shall choose a challenge 🙂

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