Pool Crashers!!


So, this morning we decided to get new SIM cards for our phones so we can contact each other (and be contacted by you guys at home), without it costing us a fortune in roaming charges. We actually brought two other old phones with us, for just such an occasion, that’s the kind of forward thinkers we are :)…Uh-oh? Both our phones are blocked from using them overseas, unless we enter the security code which is…printed in your phone manual in Australia…BRILLIANT! So, we had to buy two phones as well. Such is the adventure 🙂 So now, we’re up and mobile with our brand new Bali mobiles.


Hot, hot, hot day…did I mention it was hot? But our pool still looks like Shrek’s bidet, so we scooted into Legian and like naughty children, we crashed the Suriwati Hotel swimming pool. Ahhh…I think we’re going to start crashing other hotel swimming pools now, we’ve had the taste…and we like it!!


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