The Long and Winding Road

  Headed out for a beautiful long ride with my beautiful wife intow, perusing the myriad of rice fields and temples that adorn this wonderful island. Stopped off for lunch at Sate Bali, one of the restaurants that flank the coast of Echo Beach.

Sate Bali    

Picked up a couple of sarongs from a vendor on the beach and headed home…but we didn’t make it! We got a flat tyre on the way home and had to abandon our scooter on the side of the road and hoof it the rest of the way. They’re a pretty trusting people, the Balinese, I was instructed to just lock the bike on the side of the road, catch a taxi home and they’ll pick up the scooter in the afternoon, repair the tyre and drop it back to our place later on. Awesome 🙂


familyWe had Jacqui, Roland, Nicky and Gusti over for dinner tonight. Fiona cooked a delicious stir fry, with our favourite desserts…tiny donuts from J.Co Coffee & Donuts…mmm, baby donuts 😛

laxy-laxyGusti in Hammock    roof boat J.Pops Baby Donuts

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