The Dark Ages

We had a power blackout sometime during the wee small hours of the night. We woke up to the sound of…nothing. No air-con, no pool filter, nothing. T’was like the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for…a skinny white, bald guy streaking outside in the nud, searching for some kind of semblance of a fuse box.

Like Indiana Jones, treading carefully down a treacherous tunnel full of creepy crawlies, I too, was hoping not tread on something squishy underfoot, armed only with an iPhone for a flashlight and a bullwhip in my hand 😉

I found the fuse box which had an incredible amount of switches inside. An incredible number of…ONE. Flick, flick…no change. Well, we know it mustn’t be just us. Back to bed and the power came back on within the hour. Ahh, air-con…that’s the good news.

Bad news…we didn’t realise until the end of the next day, that the power outage actually stopped the pool filter timer, which means it had to be reset for it to kick-start again. Which meant, the pump had not been going for most of the night and all of the day, which meant the tank underground which houses the pump had half filled with water and kept shorting out the pump.

Basically, I have to syphon all the water out tomorrow morning so the pool guy can climb back down in there without a snorkel and get our pool back to it’s original happy place 🙂

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