Back in Business

Well, it’s back to business in Bali with all businesses open and ready to roll and the traffic is…FULL ON this morning. We rode into Legian for a bank appointment to open a new account that we can use in Bali, which took us about 30 minutes to get there, which by Balinese standards, was pretty slow. It usually takes about 15 minutes. Thank god we were on a scooter or it could have taken an hour or so. It’s pretty cool to be able to slip down the side of a long row of cars to avoid the traffic, however, there’s another 200 scooters all vying for the same narrow gap like ants around a sugar cube. It’s survival of the fittest.

So we get to the bank and wait to be called. Get the procedures under way. “Yes, everything seems to be in order. We received the letter from your bank approving the opening of the account, now if I can just have your passport?” Why sure, I’ll just…barrel back through all that traffic back to our house, duck in, grab it out of the drawer I left in (doofus) and come back, no sweat 🙂 Did I mention the traffic?

And the MOUNTAIN of paperwork to sign, fill in, sacrifice a goat and get the name of my next of kin tattooed on my left breast just over my heart, and all is well. I should point out, that Bali is a mash of antiquated old-style and techno-savvy. As well as actually being given my keycard and PIN number right there on the spot, without having to wait for it to come in the mail with a few days between CARD and PIN, they also give me a cool yellow gizmo that resembles a kind of miniature calculator. When I access my Net Banking, I enter my account number, then fire up the gizmo, enter my pass code and it randomly generates a number to enter as my password on the computer. Every time I access it, the password code is different.

Amazing technology…now, if they could just remove this lizard from my laptop screen…

Lunch with Jacqui and Roland, then home for a snooze in the hammock before Gusti came over for dinner and translating 🙂 Talk about good timing. Our fill-in pool boy Nyoman, does not speak very good english, but Gusti was here to translate for us and to help us solve our pool problem…

We’ll get someone else to come fix it tomorrow.



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