Rumble between my legs

We’re mobile!!

We finally did it. We got ourselves a scooter today to make getting around this beautiful island, oh so much easier. Alan took me in early to the carpark and showed me what’s what. Ooh-er, Vicar. Great to have an experienced rider give me tips that were counter-intuitive to what I would have done without such advice. But really cool to be able to  drift through the streets with the wind in my…hair?

Fiona looks like the “crazy frog” in her little goggle helmet (she’s so cute), and did her best to hold her breath and refrain from back-seat riding, whilst we squeezed between the inhumanly narrow gaps between cars and gutters as she pillioned on the back. We rode in to Legian to visit Jacqui, Roland and Nicole who arrived in the wee small hours, this morning.

It’s great to feel that power between my legs, but being a man…I’m used to that 🙂

crazyfrog.jpg bikers.jpg borntobewild.jpg  easyrider.jpg

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