My kingdom for a can opener!

Another lazy dayin paradise, while waiting for everything to open. We bought a few large cans of tuna several days ago before realising they didn’t have ring pulls on the top. I’m reminded of the Warner Bros cartoon where the squirrel tries a multitude of different ways to crack open a coconut, maybe smashing it with a rock, dropping it from a great height, dropping a one tone anvil on top from a building site…you know, just the usual.

The other suggestion (Fiona’s), was to go get a can opener. Spoil sport 😦

But alas, there doesn’t seem to be a single can opener in ALL OF BALI…and when I say all of Bali, I mean, none of the places we went into that were open. Just have to shear the lid off with my bare teeth.

The other surprise we had when we returned from our can opener odyssey, is that our beautiful maid, Made’, had been busy cleaning and talk about service, she even went as far as to fold up our plastic grocery bags into bit size pieces that looked good enough to eat…yum 🙂


20110903-081313.jpg    20110903-081325.jpg   

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