Settling In

So we are now settling into life in Paradise. 🙂

This morning I awoke before Justin and found a spot in the sun where I did a little meditation and some stretching. It is beautiful being so warm, and I am enjoying the flowers in the garden. Justin meandered out at about 8.30am and made us apple pancakes. We caught up with the world on the Internet then sunbaked on the lilo & swam. Moving between computer, pool, lilo, and hammock.

Justin is going for a full body tan … Well maybe not quite full body :p


Our house cleaner had left us a Papaya so I chopped half of it up and we ate it with yoghurt, sooo delicious and a real indicator of island life, being able to enjoy tropical fruits.


We never quite know what to do with ourselves while our lovely cleaner is here, and generally feel like lazy bums (which indeed we are) so we headed out to explore the world around us. It is a magnificent day, sun shining, but not blazing. We wandered our local streets discovering rice paddies, cows, little shops and a few Warungs.

20110902-051632.jpg   20110902-051644.jpg20110902-051659.jpg      20110902-051722.jpg20110902-051713.jpg   20110902-051734.jpgflagscows

We stopped at one and had a bintang and shared a pizza, chatting to the staff.


Returning home we swam again and I have never enjoyed being able to jump in a pool as much as I do here.

I am grateful to be feeling much better, and look forward to being really well soon. Surely all the good food and sunshine will have me sorted in no time at all!

Tomorrow morning I will be up with the roosters to join Gary on a trip to the local market.


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