Rough start to the great Adventure

You thought Justin had a “Graphic Warning” … Disclaimer some of the post below may disturb or cause discomfort for some readers … you’ve been warned.

So my start to our adventure went like this …

woke at 3.30 am – 2 hours too early – to the feeling of the onset of Cystitis (yes boys and those faint of heart, you can stop reading now – it gets worse). Incredible pain that meant no more sleep for me while I downed alkalising drinks and pain killers.

Justin offered to change the flights due to my pain, but ‘uh uh’ we ARE going!

So the drive, by beautiful Jess, to the airport was to say the least, uncomfortable, particularly the last 20 mins as we crept towards the airport in traffic while I was desperate for the toilet and crawling out of my skin in pain. I jumped out as soon as we were anywhere near the airport doors and ran away, leaving Justin with the bags. We were the last on our flight to check in and was in such a rush that we didn’t even get a chance to buy any duty free booze, nor a bottle of water!

Finally on the plane and the flight was not too bad, direct flight is the way to go, just under 6 hours.

We arrived to beautiful heat, and our lovely friends Alan & Gary. They picked us up in ‘George’ an old style Mercedes and took us shopping for essentials. We dashed around grabbing a few things to sustain us for a few days, and probably seemed like a miserable pair as I was in pain and Justin .. well you read his blog 😛

I did find a pharmacy which, after some funny charades, gave me something that I assume are antibiotics, which is just as well. When we got to our new place I discovered I was now urinating blood 😦

Which is unpleasant.

Justin swam, I tried not to be as miserable as I felt … knowing this will pass and that I am in paradise regardless.

We made dinner in our small hotchpotch collection of pans. We managed to buy 2 plates, 2 bowls, a fry pan, a pot & a stir-fry pan. The chicken breast we bought was, unbeknownst to us at the time of purchase, still attached to the breast bone. I got to show off my exciting past working in a chicken butchers by separating it, and Justin cooked usa stir-fry, which was really good.20110831-101308.jpg

This morning we drifted in & out of sleep listening to roosters crow as the sun came up, and the streets slowly start to wake. Finally at 8.30 I was starving and woke Justin who made us bacon & eggs for breakfast.


It is cloudy today, but warm. My body feels the same temperature as the air, and this for me, is one of the most pleasant feelings in life.

And so, yes, the adventure has begun.


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