We’re here!!

Eventful morning, traffic built up outside the airport and Fiona busting to use the loo. Almost had to resort to using an almost empty container of hand wipes in Jesse’s back seat, but fortunately for Jesse’s upholstery, Fi ejector-seated herself out of the car and ran into the airport ahead of us. Chariots of Fire music sounding in my head. Onto the plane with minutes to spare, direct flight from Melbourne to Bali…nice. Only one incident of the guy next to me grabbing me in his sleep, must have been either one of those “falling” dreams, or he was a dog catching frisbees in his mouth.

BAM!! Warm, sunshine and did I mention…warm? Two degrees in Melbourne when we got up this morning and a balmy 29 degrees in Bali. Our good friends, Alan and Gary, greeted us at the airport and ferried us to Carrefour (the Swiss army-knife of shopping centres – think Bunnings, Target, K-mart, Goodguys all rolled into one). Grabbed some essentials for what we’ll be needing and horror to my horror, I had to use the bathroom.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Don’t try this at home kids…

One empty stall…one empty toilet roll…and a bidet hose. You do the math! So there I am, pants round my ankles, mysteriously hovering above the seat, having just been blasted by a supercharged super soaker…how do you dry yourself? Gotta roll up your sleeves and do a bit of Karate Kid action, wax-on, wax-off with your forearms. At least you can wash them in the basin outside and dry them off with the one single hand dryer…THAT DOESN’T WORK!!

Well, it could have been worse, it could have been YOU instead of me.

Fast forward a few hours and we’re drifting on a lilo in the middle of our beautiful swimming pool in our amazing Bali haven.

One thing is for sure, it sure ain’t “ordinary”.

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